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Chicago Dog Bite Injury Lawsuits

Dog Bite Injuries Information for Residents of Chicago

Chicago Dog Attack Injury

Dog attacks in Chicago may result in serious injuries that require immediate medical attention, require one or more surgeries, and that have long term effects such as disfigurement or scarring. Emotional trauma is also a common outcome of such an attack, particularly for children. Most Chicago dog bite incidents could be prevented through educating dog owners about safety precautions and responsible dog ownership.

Negligent Owners to Blame for Dog Bite Injuries

While some dog breeds are notorious for being aggressive, pet owners are the deciding factor in whether a dog poses a threat to people or not. A dog that is naturally aggressive can be kept from harming people with conscientious handling. Likewise, a dog that is not known for being particularly violent may cause serious injuries if a pet owner is negligent.

In many states, dog owners are protected to some extent by “one bite” laws. Basically, these laws say that a pet owner may not be blamed for an attack by a dog that has no history of aggressive behavior. However, there are revised laws in some states that return the burden of proof to the owner, given a dog bite victim increased rights to litigate. For more information about laws that apply to dog bite lawsuits in Chicago, please contact our firm for a free case evaluation.

Types of Dog Attack Injuries

Dog Bite Injury Damages in Chicago

Dog bite injuries may result in significant medical expenses, to cover immediate first aid, reconstructive surgery, or other expenses, as well as lost income from missed work, and mental and emotional suffering resulting from the incident. Severe dog bite injuries can damage muscles, skin, internal organs and other tissues. Skin grafts and repeated surgeries may be required. Extensive scarring can result. Chicago dog bite lawsuits aim to recover compensation for the various damages caused by a dog bite incident in Chicago.

Dog Bite Injury

Dog Bite Injuries: Information for Residents of Chicago

If you or a loved one was harmed in a dog attack in Chicago, you may have legal grounds to file a Chicago dog bite injury claim. As in any accident, your first concern should be medical care. This includes immediate first aid, as well as an inquiry into the animal’s vaccination history to determine if rabies are a threat. Secondly, it is important to document the situation, through a written summary of the events, a police report, and photographs of the injuries. Save a paper trail to help reconstruct any medical care or keep track of witnesses.

Chicago Dog Attack Injury Attorneys Help Individuals and Families in Chicago

With extensive experience in the realm of family safety and personal injury litigation, our Chicago dog attack injury attorneys are uniquely qualified to represent your family’s interests. We bring empathy and sensitivity to our work when we represent individuals who have been victim of a traumatic accident. Committing our extensive resources to preparing each lawsuit for trial, we ensure the best results for our clients. Once entrusted with your case, our lawyers serving Chicago will work tirelessly to bring a positive end to the trauma your family has suffered. If you or your family member was injured or harmed in Chicago due to an irresponsible or negligent dog owner, a Chicago dog bite injury lawyer can help by answering your questions and giving you a sense of your legal options.

Chicago Dog Bite Injury Lawsuits

If you or a family member in Chicago was harmed as a result of negligence on the part of a pet owner, you may be eligible to file a Chicago dog bite injury lawsuit. Pet owners have a responsibility to keep their dogs under control and can be held accountable if they failed to restrain an aggressive pet. We provide legal representation for Chicago dog bite injury lawsuits on a contingency basis, meaning that we charge no fee unless we win compensation on your behalf.